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U.S. spending on military and defense has fluctuated greatly between World War II and today. Spending increased from post-WWII levels and into the Korean War, then decreased during the 1970's. It rose during Reagan's time in office, declined when Clinton was president, rose again under Bush, and has been cut substantially again under Obama.

(Source: BY REPUBLICANVIEWS.ORG, Mar 1, 2015)
Official Democratic Position

Democratic Party believes in maintaining a strong military. Democratic views on military spending tend to support cuts to the defense budget far more than Republican views do. However, despite their belief in a lower defense budget, Democrats wish to see military pay and benefits increase, stating, " military pay must continue to increase. We need to further reform the military retirement system and improve housing, health care, and childcare benefits to support the competitiveness of military careers during a period of prosperity. While the number of soldiers on food stamps is down by two-thirds over the past decade, it is unacceptable that any member of our armed forces should have to rely on food stamps."

Official Republican Position

The Republican Party believes strongly in an increased military defense budget. In 2000 the party spoke out in defense of raising this budget, citing the fact that the administration had cut defense spending to its lowest percentage of gross domestic product since 1939. Republican views on military spending include the belief that raising this budget is the only way to “restore the health of a defense industry weakened by a combination of neglect and misguided policies." Republicans also believe that this lowered budget has been a large contributor to the lower morale among members of the armed forces. In its call to action for a higher budget for defense, Republicans noted that “the US military faces growing problems in readiness, morale, and its ability to prepare for the threats of the future," and that these problems arose as the military budgets were cut.

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