Experience: House: District 33, 2013-Present
Home State: Texas
Running: President, United States, 2016
Total Raised: $1,094,103Coverage End: Thursday, June 30, 2016
Winning: Won with 0.00%
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    Full Name: Marc Veasey
    Gender: Male
    Family: Wife: Tonya; 1 Child: Adam
    Birth Date: 01/03/1971
    Birth Place: Fort Worth, TX
    Home City: Fort Worth, TX
    Religion: Christian


    BS, Mass Communication, Texas Wesleyan University

Political Experience

    Representative, United States House of Representatives, 2012-present
    Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 2004-present
    Former Democratic Whip, Texas State House of Representatives

Current Legislative Committees

    Armed Services, Member
    Science, Space, and Technology, Member
    Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, Member
    Subcommittee on Energy, Member
    Subcommittee on Space, Member
    Subcommittee on Tactical Air and Land Forces, Member

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees

    Member, Advisory Committee, Tarrant County Black Genealogical Society
    Former Chair, Democratic Caucus, Texas State House of Representatives

Professional Experience

    Former Realtor
    Health Care Consultant
    Community Activist
    Legislative Aide, Democratic Congressman Martin Frost
    Former Employee, Polytechnic High School
    Sports Writer, Source Media's Information Technology (IT) Network
    Sports Writer, Star-Telegram

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

    Member, Fort Worth Ambassadors
    Member, Volunteer Center, Tarrant County
General Survey
Issue Title Candidate's Answers
1. Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right

Strongly Support
2. Stricter punishment reduces crime

No Opinion
3. Marijuana is a gateway drug
4. Higher taxes on the wealthy

5. Stimulus better than market-led recovery

6. Vouchers for school choice

Strongly Oppose
7. Make voter registration easier

8. Prioritize green energy

No Opinion
9. Avoid foreign entanglements
10. Expand the military

No Opinion
11. Support & expand free trade

No Opinion
12. Support American Exceptionalism
13. Absolute right to gun ownership

No Opinion
14. Expand ObamaCare

Strongly Support
15. Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens

Strongly Support
16. EPA regulations are too restrictive

No Opinion
17. Keep God in the public sphere

Strongly Support
18. Legally require hiring more women & minorities

Strongly Support
19. Comfortable with same-sex marriage

Strongly Support
20. Privatize Social Security

Strongly Oppose
Total: 45
Introduced Date Bill Number Bill Title Last Action
06/08/2017 H.R.2830 To authorize methane leak detection and mitigation research activities by the Department of Energy. 06/08/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology.  (All Actions)
05/05/2017 H.Res.302 Expressing support for designation of May 2017 as "Health and Fitness Month". 05/05/2017 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  (All Actions)
04/06/2017 H.R.2072 FIFA Act 04/06/2017 Referred to House Ways and Means  (All Actions)
04/06/2017 H.R.2071 American Dream Promise Act 04/06/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  (All Actions)
04/06/2017 H.R.2070 FAFSA for All Act 04/06/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.  (All Actions)
12/22/2016 H.R.6495 Ensure Access to DACA Act 12/22/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security.  (All Actions)
12/12/2016 H.R.6456 End the Backlog Act 12/12/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security.  (All Actions)
12/09/2016 H.R.6343 Farmers Markets for Food Deserts Act of 2016 12/09/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Biotechnology, Horticulture, and Research.  (All Actions)
12/08/2016 H.R.6494 Postage Free Ballot Act 12/08/2016 Referred to House Administration  (All Actions)
12/08/2016 H.R.6493 Service Members Financial Planning Assistance Act of 2016 12/08/2016 Referred to the House Committee on Armed Services.  (All Actions)
12/07/2016 H.R.6458 Help our Neediest Families Act of 2016 12/07/2016 Referred to House Financial Services  (All Actions)
12/07/2016 H.R.6457 Preventive Services Medicare Parity Act of 2016 12/07/2016 Referred to House Ways and Means  (All Actions)
12/01/2016 H.R.6320 Give Veterans Home Loan Choices Act of 2016 12/01/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Military Personnel.  (All Actions)
11/16/2016 H.R.6329 Promise of Citizenship Act of 2016 11/16/2016 Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.  (All Actions)
10/19/2016 H.R.6217 Police Protection Act of 2016 10/19/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Readiness.  (All Actions)
10/18/2016 H.R.6216 Preservation of Public Evidence Act of 2016 10/18/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations.  (All Actions)
10/06/2016 H.R.6215 Medicaid Gap Relief Act of 2016 10/06/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  (All Actions)
09/30/2016 H.Con.Res.164 Expressing the support for the passage of the Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2015. 09/30/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice.  (All Actions)
09/27/2016 H.R.6194 All Ballots Count Act of 2016 09/27/2016 Referred to the House Committee on House Administration.  (All Actions)
09/21/2016 H.Res.866 Expressing support for designation of the month of September as "National Voting Rights Month". 09/21/2016 Sponsor introductory remarks on measure.  (All Actions)
Total: 821
Date Bill Number Bill Title Result Vote
06/12/2017 H.Res.380 Commemorating one year since the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016.
06/08/2017 H.R.2854 To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to permit an individual who is subject to a requirement to present identification as a condition of voting in an election for Federal office to meet such requirement by presenting a sworn written statement attesting to the individual's identification, and for other purposes.
05/22/2017 H.R.2591 To amend the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act to modernize the funding of wildlife conservation, and for other purposes.
05/18/2017 H.R.1911 Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Act of 2017
05/18/2017 H.R.1677 Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2017
05/18/2017 H.Res.128 Supporting respect for human rights and encouraging inclusive governance in Ethiopia.
05/18/2017 H.R.672 Combating European Anti-Semitism Act of 2017
05/17/2017 H.R.2499 To amend the Help America Vote Act of 2002 to require States to meet standards for the location and operation of polling places used in elections for Federal office, including a standard requiring States to ensure that no individual waits for longer than one hour to cast a vote at a polling place, and for other purposes.
05/17/2017 H.R.356 Protecting Our Democracy Act
05/11/2017 H.R.2412 Keep Our Pension Promises Act
05/09/2017 H.R.267 Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Act of 2017
05/04/2017 H.R.2366 Discharge Student Loans in Bankruptcy Act of 2017
05/04/2017 H.Res.314 Recognizing National Foster Care Month as an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges of children in the foster care system, and encouraging Congress to implement policy to improve the lives of children in the foster care system.
05/03/2017 H.R.2325 Emergency Financial Manager Reform Act of 2017
05/02/2017 H.R.2282 Equality Act
05/02/2017 H.R.2052 PRIVATE Act
05/01/2017 H.R.2262 Free Credit Score Act of 2017
05/01/2017 H.R.2073 To amend section 287 of the Immigration and Nationality Act to prohibit immigration officers or agents of the Department of Homeland Security from wearing clothing or other items bearing the word "police".
05/01/2017 H.R.2043 Fair Day in Court for Kids Act of 2017
04/28/2017 H.Res.295 Expressing support for the designation of the week of April 30, 2017, through May 6, 2017, as "National Small Business Week" to honor the vital role of small business and the passion of entrepreneurs in the United States.
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