Experience: House: District 4, 2015-Present
Home State: Arkansas
Running: President, United States, 2016
Total Raised: $547,462Coverage End: Thursday, June 30, 2016
Winning: Won with 0.00%
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    Full Name: Bruce Westerman
    Gender: Male
    Family: Wife: Sharon; 4 Children: Eli, Amie, Ethan, Asa
    Birth Date: 11/18/1967
    Birth Place: Hot Springs, AR
    Home City: Hot Springs, AR
    Religion: Southern Baptist


    MF, Forestry, Yale University, 2001
    BS, Biological/Agricultural Engineering, University of Arkansas, 1990

Political Experience

    Representative, United States House of Representatives, 2014-present
    President, Fountain Lake School Board
    Representative, Arkansas State House of Representatives, 2010-2014

Current Legislative Committees

    Budget, Member
    Natural Resources, Member
    Science, Space, and Technology, Member
    Subcommittee on Federal Lands, Member
    Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations (Natural Resources), Member
    Subcommittee on Oversight (Science, Space, and Technology), Member
    Subcommittee on Research and Technology, Member

Professional Experience

    Engineer/Forester, Mid-South Engineering Company, 1992-present
    Former Board Member, Fountain Lake School District
    Plant Engineer, Riceland Foods, 1990-1992

Religious, Civic, and other Memberships

    Former President, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
    Former Chair, Arkansas Academy of Biological and Agricultural Engineers
    Deacon/Sunday School Teacher, Walnut Valley Baptist Church
General Survey
Issue Title Candidate's Answers
1. Abortion is a woman's unrestricted right

Strongly Oppose
2. Stricter punishment reduces crime

3. Marijuana is a gateway drug
4. Higher taxes on the wealthy

5. Stimulus better than market-led recovery

Strongly Oppose
6. Vouchers for school choice

7. Make voter registration easier

8. Prioritize green energy

Strongly Oppose
9. Avoid foreign entanglements
10. Expand the military

No Opinion
11. Support & expand free trade

12. Support American Exceptionalism
13. Absolute right to gun ownership

Strongly Support
14. Expand ObamaCare

Strongly Oppose
15. Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens

Strongly Oppose
16. EPA regulations are too restrictive

Strongly Support
17. Keep God in the public sphere

No Opinion
18. Legally require hiring more women & minorities

Strongly Oppose
19. Comfortable with same-sex marriage

Strongly Oppose
20. Privatize Social Security

Strongly Support
Total: 9
Introduced Date Bill Number Bill Title Last Action
02/16/2017 H.J.Res.82 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule of the Bureau of Land Management relating to "Onshore Oil and Gas Operations; Federal and Indian Oil and Gas Leases; Measurement of Oil". 02/16/2017 Referred to the House Committee on Natural Resources.  (All Actions)
09/30/2016 H.R.6294 Geospatial Data Act of 2016 09/30/2016 Referred to the Subcommittee on Environment.  (All Actions)
09/19/2016 H.R.2647 Emergency Wildfire and Forest Management Act of 2016 09/19/2016 Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 634.  (All Actions)
07/29/2016 H.R.3931 To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 620 Central Avenue Suite 1A in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, as the "Chief Petty Officer Adam Brown United States Post Office". 07/29/2016 Became Public Law No: 114-202. (TXT | PDF)  (All Actions)
09/25/2015 H.R.3609 To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to modify requirements for payment under the Medicare program for ambulance services furnished by critical access hospitals, and for other purposes. 09/25/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  (All Actions)
05/22/2015 H.R.2565 Prioritizing American Road and Jobs Act of 2015 05/22/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  (All Actions)
03/27/2015 H.R.1724 Transportation Funds Exemption Act of 2015 03/27/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit.  (All Actions)
03/03/2015 H.R.1230 Government Employee Pension Reform Act of 2015 03/03/2015 Referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  (All Actions)
02/13/2015 H.R.886 State Flexibility and Workforce Requirement Act of 2015 02/13/2015 Referred to the Subcommittee on Health.  (All Actions)
Total: 333
Date Bill Number Bill Title Result Vote
06/13/2017 H.R.2898 To amend the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 to modify the appointment and composition of resource advisory committees.
06/12/2017 H.R.2372 VETERAN Act
06/12/2017 H.R.1873 Electricity Reliability and Forest Protection Act
06/08/2017 H.R.2832 To help individuals receiving assistance under means-tested welfare programs obtain self-sufficiency, to provide information on total spending on means-tested welfare programs, to provide an overall spending limit on means-tested welfare programs, and for other purposes.
05/10/2017 H.J.Res.36 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule of the Bureau of Land Management relating to "Waste Prevention, Production Subject to Royalties, and Resource Conservation". Passed Yea
05/04/2017 H.R.2192 To amend the Public Health Service Act to eliminate the non-application of certain State waiver provisions to Members of Congress and congressional staff. Passed Yea
05/02/2017 H.R.2157 OCEAN Act
04/27/2017 H.R.1807 Public Water Supply Invasive Species Compliance Act of 2017
04/25/2017 H.R.1380 Timber Innovation Act of 2017
04/13/2017 H.J.Res.43 Providing for congressional disapproval under chapter 8 of title 5, United States Code, of the final rule submitted by Secretary of Health and Human Services relating to compliance with title X requirements by project recipients in selecting subrecipients. Passed Aye
04/06/2017 H.R.1627 Small Business Assistance Act of 2017
04/05/2017 H.R.299 Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2017
04/03/2017 H.R.1861 Larry Doby Congressional Gold Medal Act
03/31/2017 H.R.1844 Veterans Access to Community Care Act of 2017
03/31/2017 H.R.1838 Ambulatory Surgical Center Quality and Access Act of 2017
03/30/2017 H.R.1430 HONEST Act Passed Aye
03/29/2017 H.R.26 Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2017 Passed Aye
03/28/2017 H.R.24 Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2017
03/22/2017 H.R.1465 National Cybersecurity Preparedness Consortium Act of 2017
03/20/2017 H.R.1626 Student Agriculture Protection Act of 2017
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