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OP 07/24/2018

欧洲正在自杀。这是如何发生的?在本视频中,道格拉斯·穆雷,The Strange Death of Europe 的作者,解释了欧洲即将衰落的两大主要原因。



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The civilization born of Judeo-Christian values, ancient Greek philosophy and the discoveries of the Enlightenment is staring at the abyss, brought there by its own hand. To put it starkly: Europe is committing suicide.


How did this happen?


It’s a complicated story, but there are two major causes.

说来话长,但是有 2 个主要原因。

The first is the mass movement of peoples into Europe. This has been going on steadily since the end of World War II but sped up massively in the migration crisis of 2015, when more than a million migrants poured into Europe from the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia.

首先是大量的人口流入欧洲。自二战结束就不断地有人口流入欧洲,并在 2015 年移民危机中大幅加剧,超过 100 万的移民从中东、北非和东亚涌入欧洲。

The second, and equally significant, is that Europe lost faith in itself—its beliefs, its traditions and even its very legitimacy.


Let’s take a closer look at both causes.


For decades, Europe encouraged people—mostly from the Middle East and North Africa—to come as temporary workers. Nobody expected them to stay. Yet they did. And nobody asked them to leave, even those who came illegally. As one British immigration minister put it in 1999, “Removal takes too long, and it’s emotional.”

几十年来,欧洲鼓励人们——主要是来自中东和北非的人——作为临时工来欧洲。没人希望他们留下。然而他们留了下来。也没人要求他们离开,甚至是非法入境者。如一位英国移民部部长在 1999 年说:“驱逐非法移民耗时长,并且容易激起人民情绪”。

And, of course, why would they leave? The economic opportunities were far greater in Europe than from where they came. And if the work dried up, there were generous welfare benefits to be had.


For a time, immigrants were allowed—even encouraged, thanks to the European commitment to “multiculturalism”—to pursue whatever culture they wanted. But that didn’t work out well. The leaders of Britain, France and Germany admitted as much in 2011, when David Cameron, Nicholas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel dramatically announced that multiculturalism had failed.

曾经有一段时间,移民是被允许的——甚至是被鼓励的,多亏了欧洲人对“多元文化主义”的承诺——追求任何他们想要的文化。但是结果不尽人意。在 2011 年,英国、法国和德国的领导人也承认如此,该年戴维·卡梅伦、尼古拉·萨科齐和安格拉·默克尔明确宣布多元文化主义失败了。

So, the immigrants were then asked to assimilate and embrace Western values. If that happened, European governments reasoned, all the financial costs, even the occasional acts of terrorism, could be overlooked.


But it never happened. And immigration just increased.


During 2015, Germany and Sweden added 2% to their populations in a single year. By 2017, the most popular boys name in United Kingdom was Muhammad.

在 2015 年,德国和瑞典的人口在一年内增长了 2%。到 2017 年,英国最流行的男孩姓名是穆罕默德。

So, why did European leaders decide Europe could take in anyone in the world, whether fleeing war or simply seeking a better life, no matter how different—or even opposed—their values were to European values?


The one-word answer to this question is guilt. Aren’t these refugees, the thinking goes, fleeing the consequences of European imperialism? Didn’t we mercilessly exploit these unfortunate people in their home countries? Aren’t we the cause of their misery?


Accepting them into Europe is meant to be a wiping-away of this guilt. This is especially true of Germany. In allowing one and a half million people into her country in 2015, Angela Merkel was, in effect, proclaiming to the world that Germany, the great aggressor of the twentieth century, the architect of the Holocaust, would be the humanitarian superpower of the twenty-first. A noble sentiment, perhaps, but who pays the price? The ordinary citizens of Europe, who have seen crime and terrorism increase exponentially. Their fears and frustrations have been largely ignored—or worse.

把他们接纳到欧洲是为了抹去这种罪。这对德国来说尤其正确。在 2015 年,德国允许 150 万的移民进入本国,事实上,安格拉·默克尔对世界宣称德国,作为 20 世纪最大的侵略者,纳粹大屠杀的创造者,将会成为 21 世纪最为人道主义的超级大国。或许这是一种高尚的情怀,但是谁为此付出代价呢?是那些目睹犯罪率和恐怖主义呈指数增长的欧洲普通市民。他们的恐惧和沮丧大部分被无视了——甚至更糟。

In October 2015, the German government designated that 800 newly arrived immigrants were to be housed in the German town of Kassel. Concerned residents had a meeting to ask questions of their representatives. As a video recording shows, the citizens were calm and polite. Then, at a certain point, their district president informs them that the refugees are coming regardless of their objections and anyone who does not agree with the policy is “free to leave Germany.”

在 2015 年 10 月,德国政府指定 800 名新来的移民者将被安置在德国的卡塞尔小镇。忧虑的居民举行了一个会议以向他们的代表提问。正如一段记录视频显示,市民们冷静有礼。然后,在某个环节上,他们的地区主席通知他们不论他们反对与否,难民都将到来,任何不同意这个政策的人可以“自由离开德国。”

This official attitude—if there is a problem, it’s not with the refugees, but with the citizens—reflects the sense of what I call “tiredness”—a feeling among the elite class that the European story has played out: that we have tried religion and all imaginable forms of politics, and that each has, one after another, led us to disaster. We taint every idea we touch, so who’s to say that the world wouldn’t be better off without us?

这个官方态度——如果有问题,它不在于难民,而在于市民——反映了我所说的“疲倦” 感——这种感觉萦绕着精英阶层,欧洲叙事已经过时了:我们已经尝试了宗教和所有能想到的政治形式,然而每一个都,一个接着一个,将我们引向了灾难。我们玷污了每个我们所触及的思想,所以谁会说没有我们世界不会更好呢?

Of course, only people who have no idea how lucky they are could take this view. Ironically, no one knows this better than those refugees who truly did assimilate and who defend Western values. Extraordinary people, like Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who left the Netherlands because she believed in the principles of the Enlightenment more than the Dutch did. Or Hamed Abdel-Samad in Germany, whose life is threatened by fellow immigrants because he defends European values.


This is the stuff of suicide, the self-annihilation of a culture.


It is possible that ordinary Europeans will join their leaders in this pact. But recent opinion polls suggest that they have no intention of doing so. How they act on that intention will be the great story of the years ahead.


Are we about to witness the end of Europe, or its re-birth?


I’m Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, for Prager University.

我是道格拉斯·穆雷,The Strange Death of Europe 的作者,为 PragerU 制作。

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