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Will you vote for hillary for her focus on women’s issues?

One must note that this Clinton played a big role in the recent sufferings of women and children in various Arab countries at a mind boggling scale.


So, what have we got here ... pushing the women paid 78.3 cents for every dollar a man earns routine without any qualifiers, not enough women in tech, noting that fewer women are studying computer science now than they did in the 1980s.Women have turned away from studying computer science of their own free will, and not as a result of some male conspiracy.


Well, duh gender issues are only thing she has


Hillary, let me give you a tip: take a big, fat page out of the Margaret Thatcher's playbook for starters. Next, drop the Gender Issues bit -- your platform could be focused on Giraffe-mating issues and the female voter base in the U.S. would still vote for you. Why? Because you're female. All the Gender Issues-thing is going to do is tick off your potential male voter base.

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