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Edna Foley's Sharing of Her Experiences in Summer Teen Volunteer Leadership Program
By Asian.GOP   Organization: National Committee of Asian American Republicans
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OP 07/07/2017

One day my mom told me I had to go with her to this Americans for Prosperity Program and I got a bit grumpy because the same day I was supposed to hang out with friends. Either way she still forced me to go. I am so thankful that she did what she did because from this program I have learned so much! Some things I learned were some ways to convince others to think the same way as you, to gain confidence in my views especially with making phone calls because some times some people may refuse to hear what you have to say but you cannot give up or else nothing is going to happen, and lastly I learned from a video that other people with opposite views will attack you, but to always stay calm no matter how right you think you are. This is why if you ever have the chance, I highly suggest you to join this program and if you have kids bring them along as well!

Edna Foley 6/29/17

For the Summer Teen Volunteer Leadership Program details, please visit http://www.asian.gop/events/summer-teen-volunteer-leadership-program-palm-beach

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